Ye vs. The People

Known for saying ignorant shit. Known to put people on blast for what seems to be his on interests. Know to go against common thoughts, Ye has stirred the pot all the way into honestly a hot ass song. None of us are in the room with Ye to know if he truly has been tweeting out excerpts of his thought process for his own personal gain but now that he has released a honestly refreshing Ye ft T.I. track it seems that way.

Now as much as I dont like the way Ye has drummed up interest for the track, whether he has done this to trick us, inspire us, or this is how he feels. I have to say, Y E D I D I T T H E B E S T W A Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PERIOD !! Lets be honest we live in a society that clings to drama, conflict, danger, etc. He needed to get our attention and he garnered attention in a massive way. So we can disagreee, we can hate we can all have our opinions but if he just put out a new track it would not have had the impact that it has now.

Every one has had good takes on this topic of discusion. I would say listen to the track whether you side with Ye or against him.

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