Up Late w/ Lil Dezzy

Its hard to keep up with how many great songs Lil Dezzy has produced. He continues to crank out tape after tape that just hit the right way for me.

Honestly, the dude could start a best of at this point. Instead, he recently dropped The Lil Dezzy Project 4 , a tape that features himself and labelmate Von 2 Gifted.

The project drops with a banger, Up Late. Something that you can vibe too and will have you in ya feels as a thug. My favorite thing about Dezzy's delivery on this track has to be the memorable punchlines he laces throughout the track:

To point out a few:

"Sometimes I question if we on the same side/ are you gone ride girl when its game time"

"Money in the safe, but a n*gga livin' dangerous/ hurtin on the phone and she over their crying, I'm still bleedin like I'm over here dying"

"I been distant since i blew up, still aint switchin sippin two cups / it's no biggie like I knew puff, youngin grew up, still screwed up"

I could go on forever. Just tune into this hit song asap and the rest of Lil Dezzy Project 4!!!!

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