The New St. Louis

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

St. Louis’ own D. Paine dropped the last of his trilogy “New Stlouis 3” Christmas Day. With a-lot of the buzz from that album still hanging around the city, D. Paine is now back in the studio all day working on something new. His work ethic seems to be unmatched right now. Having a conversation with him one day he said “We gotta do this for them” ,pointing at a 3 year old kid in the room. Thats dedication and inspirational but Speaking of inspiration the intro (A woods) to “New Stlouis 3” was filmed back where he grew up with his friends and memories, where alot of the inspiration comes from in his music. I couldnt imagine a better place to start.

“New Stlouis 3” ——>

“A Woods” by Dpaine And Directed By Ceesz Hairston ——>

instagram: @DPaineSTL

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