The Land

Executive Produced by Nas, who has been having a lot of ups and downs in the media as of late. The Land, written and directed by Steven Caple Jr., follows four teens who are trying to escape the anxiety of living in the slums of Cleveland, OH. Now The Land setup could be an inner city or small town anywhere in the USA or most any modern development.

Essentially, Cisco (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), is the leader of a wannabe-team of skateboarders. In order to scheme on some extra cash, they sell cars they have violently stolen from individuals who are riding in their neighborhood. Until they steal from one of Momma's (Linda Edmond) drug mules. The story goes on to follow Cisco and his crew as they continue to find themselves in life-altering situations.

Without giving away some of the best parts of The Land, there are so many impactful moments in the movie that you must watch it from beginning to end. Hit us up on twitter and facebook and let us know what you think after you watch.

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