Stop Flexin

I can see why so many have declared hip-hop to be dead over the last 5-10 years. I remember when Hov came out with DOA and I firmly stated: " But, I love T-Pain and when Wayne uses Autotune." But now I see what people mean.

Now hear me out because I am not speaking from the perspective of most. Hip-hop is not dead because of the new artists, the newer ways music is created, nor because of trap or heavy southern influenced music. Artists like Ugly God, Che Ecru, and Chelly the MC continue to create dope ass music on the regula. Maybe one day I will write about why some of these artists and the new(er) wave of creativity makes sense and is necessary for a future even more dramatic, yet rewarding shift.

Hip Hop is currently dead because people are claiming to be something they are not. Now, this is not new. Also, people change and maybe they aren't what they once were. However, most people continue to portray a life that is far from what their current lifestyle and are being E X P O S E D. So before I go to deep into this, there are clearly a lot of inner workings of the media industry that I personally do not understand. I also do not have relationships with any of the artist that I may or may not be talking about.

BACK TO THE POINT. People these days are reachable and touchable. No one is on top for too long these days. Drake has just come off what most perceive to be a prolific win over Meek Mill. Jumped into a beef with Pusha T and maybe bit off more than he could chew. The issue with this happening in 2018 is that Pusha really questions Drake's persona. One thing that really personally bothers me is the video of Drake using the hard ER when saying nigga in his early days. Now Drake really isn't the culprit here in my opinion (from what I can tell), but it was awkward, to say the least. Rewind to Rich the Kid and Lil Uzi Vert beefing. Now I for one did not think this was a big deal. Started off with some twitter shots, to a slight diss to Uzi chasing Rich into a corner store? That escalated quickly. Especially considering Rich is an ex-door kicker. Idk but it just seems that once you get to say you are a real trapper and you are hood etc things can look kinda iffy.

I can go on and on about Durk being on Live with 69 but not really be addressing the gang disses, Hoodrich Pablo Juan getting jumped, etc. I won't because I have a point. If you are a dope artist you don't have to play the hood role all the damn time. EVEN IF YOU FROM THE HOOD!! Bruh if you are dope I don't give a damn if you are hood, a thug or what just be a dope artist. Reality is it last longer too. I'm really not hating or dissing anyone mentioned. I'm a fan of literally every artist I mentioned. Its just time to be real with ya self and ya fans for some people. That's cool too.

Keep Hip Hop alive the right way.

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