Prayers Up

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Pray For My Gang sounds like a hard ass album title. I am not sure where the creator of GOAT 901773 got the idea from but it works for me! Let me say this one more time for the last time I am not a blogger nor a journalist so if you want to continue reading, please be my guest.

GOAT901773 is a brand derived from a gentleman (whose name I cant remember, my bad bro) who is from Memphis TN and transplanted in Chicago. This post is not a in depth history of the brand but just wanted to show them some love because I'm rocking with the pray for my gang release and the release they have done with the Dope Art Dealer. In what could be looked at as a ode to Drake, the pray for my gang tee show cases praying hands and the words pray for my gang circling the image. To accompany the shirt they also have black joggers with pray for my gang in red lettering. The Dope Art Dealer Collab showcases the dope art dealer himself with a GOAT901773 crewneck on.

Check out some of the pics below and check out the links. I have seen and purchased product from GOAT 901773; its legit. Make sure you all tune in our podcast and send me more brands and artist to showcase!

#pray #memphis #chicago #streetwear #dope #art #dealer #drake

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