O 3 years later?

Not quite but almost. Jun 2015 is when this page had its first blog post. And guess what? I am not even a good writer. BUT, Whatever! When the United States president can say and tweet anything we live in a world of not giving a fuck. So that brings me to the point of this post!

Its 2018 and a lot has changed. To summarize it all. I have moved back to Illinois, I have changed the name of everything I am doing to Merch By Design, I have found a way to connect to those who don't want to read my BS via podcasting, and I am truly pushing everything full force this time. Now that was a long sentence but again who cares? I honestly do not expect anyone to read this blog at all. If you see this post and refuse to read any more that is fine. IF you decide to go forward great!

This blog will not be updated regularly. It is not meant to be correctly worded or punctuated or even taken toooo seriously. I will be talking about some of things in the creative industry that I want to talk about. Sort of like the Merch By Design podcast except without the POV of the artist or brand that we may be talking about or reviewing.

Thanks for reading, more posts coming soon. Hopefully the end of Net Neutrality doesn't fuck this up. #Merch

#marketing #designer #urbanwear #pigeonsandplanes #xxl #complex

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