No Looking Back: Gatson

Contrary to popular belief. There is a huge segment open right now for artists who have a message. Gatson is living proof.

Champaign, Illinois has allowed a monster out of his cage. And he has been through the proven ground. The new release "Draft Day" highlights Gatson's delivery and storytelling capability.

On this album, he takes us through his journey of losing friends, watching his family struggle, and how he takes all of the weight of those life issues onto his shoulders. The project consists of six sweet tracks. The conciseness of the music lets you hear every inflection and word. Let's you feel the purpose of the stories.

It's hard to pull out a favorite track. If I had to pick standouts they would be "Visionz" and "No Looking Back." The imagery projected makes you feel like you are watching a movie. You can feel the transition when the saxophone starts to play. Beautiful use of the instrument. The story of violence between those in black communities I'd not highlighted as it is in a lot of rap songs today. It's more of a message of love and despair. Damn this shit hit even more when writing about it. Helped me get a better understanding and feel.

Thank you, Gatson. 🔋

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