Monday Frustration

Rise and Grind young lassies and lads!

I just want to share my weekend story of frustration that turned into a sort of irratable motivational moment.

So you all don't know me or what I have going on at all times in my life because I choose to not have every aspect of my life streamed and documented. I have no problem with those that do, I just know that I never intend of being that person who just constantly uploads every second of the day. Not gone happen.

Long story short, I have had a computer melt down, issues getting the website up and going and a good old marketing roll out failure. Now I know how hard it is basically starting a business from ground up, but for those who dont....BRRRRRUHHHHHH!

its no joke! So this monday motivate yourself by preparing for greatness. You will have hiccups like your computer just having to be wiped and losing all of your marketing material, some shirt designs and your recording software. You will also have life balance struggles, for me those are balancing relationships, kids, the 9-5 with scheduling podcasts, creating logos and marketing material for other people, and making sure that I am planning for the next step in business.

SCHEDULE THIS SHIT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a schedule and stick to it. Manage your time by know what you have to do well out in advance. I currently use Gmail calendar but I know there are other tools out there. Well I'm supposed to be working so I gotta go! have a good week!

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