Migos vs. The Beatles

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

According to Billboard, Migos tie the Beatles for most simultaneous hot 100 songs among groups. Now if you recall, Migos were recently been called out by a few artists by making the claim to be the hottest rap group of all time. Alot of people can argue that based on the personal opinion. I believe Migos may have some merit behind their statements.

Coming up from Atlanta the Migos have been doubted their entire career due to their rap style, image, and content. Even being doubted, Migos have continued to drop hot song after hot song, album after album, anthem after anthem. First things first, the Migos will surpass the Beatles with simultaneous hot 100 songs if their pace continues. Secondly, nothing says hottest rap group ever like holding a record with one of the hottest international groups ever in history. We can't argue numbers right?

#Migos #beatles #legends #musicians

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