Mi Q1- Locally Foreign

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

There are tons of brands that produce great clothing, dope ass artists who make incredible art, and Graphic artists that are not appreciated. First of all I would say Midemigo ( pronounced Mii-dem-ego) exists, too highlight the efforts and products of those creators.

Secondly, I would like to say personally have nothing against foreign brands. However why is it that we dont give undeground brands and artists room (finances, support, marketing) to thrive and create what we actually want to wear and see. The internet has been amazing at helping creators gain traction especially in the music industry.

Before I get to far off topic I would like to know why are we always so focused on purchasing product from overseas? This is not only a question for those who are from United States but those from other countries who purchase products made by americans. For those who dont know Amercan brands thrive in alot of other countries as well.

Anyways, Answers anyone?

#foreign #local #clothing #art #urbanwear #midemigo #graphicartist #designer #unitedstates #marketing #indie #wear #elevatedmindset

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