Go Fund my Rhymes?

Updated: Dec 12, 2018


MO3 posted this on IG in response to those who don't support the grind

So is rappers really doing go fund me for songs now or is this something Montana just started doing? Now we have stated time and time again that Montana of 300 is one of the best artist to come out of Illinois in a L O N G time. Great lyricist.

The rapper recently started a go Fund me to drop a remix for the Who Run It song. Now everybody will have an opinion on this so let me state mine first.

Go fund me is not a platform for someone who is "struggling" it is a platform for someone to get their art/business/ funded for production. So honestly it makes sense that a artist would choose to do something like this. It's honestly not much different than what Jay Z did with Sprint. He found a buyer for his product and made an exclusive for them to have it for a while.

Now I don't like the way Mo3 is going about this. For two reasons. The first is there is no benefit as a consumer to donate the money unless you truly just want to support the artist which is cool. Secondly it's a remix and not an original body of work.

Now if this was for an album cool it would make sense and more fans would be more willing. This was just recently posted so we will see what happens.

My take would be do this with Patreon and offer some kind of reward for the support. Interested to see how this plays out

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