Global Money DK, Phobia the Greatest, 7400 Vette

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Issa Saturday, but before y'all get ready to turn up tonight or lay back and chill, there are a few artists that you should get in tune with! You all know by now that I am not a word smith and would much rather just show you what you are missing! So here they are:

Global Money DK- A artist outta Memphis that I have known and following for a while has just dropped a new track titled "Ride With Me." He has a very unique delivery method and is an artist who really uses his voice as a instrument as he takes you through the highs and lows of his own story and experiences that he has had.

Ride With Me

Top Songs for Merch FKA:

Globalmoney DK - Zobommafoo Remix

Globalmoeny DK - Rada Rada

Phobia the Greatest - Merch By Design Podcast just premiered Season 2 of our show with our Phobia the Greatest of Salt Lake City. First heard of Phobia from her single Sauce God that is a B A N G E R but she has much more to offer as you hear songs like "Sexual Seduction" which is produced by and featuring Tobi Ali. Clear Sauce Music has some phenomenal music cooking up. Join the gang

Top Songs: for Merch FKA

Phobia the Greatest - Sauce God

Phobia the Greatest - Sexual Seduction

7400 Vette - Honestly just found out about this guy just zoning out to soundcloud. So far haven't heard anything that I dont like by dude. Its nice to not hear as much auto tune coming from an artist when that is so present in the hip hop game right now. I will get in tune with this guy asap to listen to more music and learn more about em. Until then:

Top songs for Merch FKA

7400 Vette - Come Wit It

7400 Vette - Money Talk

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