Gifted Insanity

Von 2 Gifted has dropped a project a buzz-worthy project. Von has been featured on Merch By Design before alongside Lil Dezzy as a producer. Now, apart of the same label, Von has produced a new EP for us to tune into.

It took me a couple solid listens to catch the vibe of what I would call the best project I have heard of 2019 so far.

The first few times, I never made it past the first 4 songs. They were worth listening to but I just didn't get it. On my 4th try, I made it to good girls gone bad and for some reason, that shit connected on another level.

I'll Be Fine is a touching song that reminds you of your self-worth. It reminds me of how I want to feel on a daily basis. Being confident and understanding. But also fun as fuck as Von flexes toward the end of the song.

Von and Dezzy continue to explore emotions throughout this project through the change of tempos and sound. In my opinion, they covered everything you could feel going through life at the age of 19-30 in 2019. They even managed to tap into pip, club dance sound in the trillest way.

I want you to listen and really listen for yourself. But if you for some dumb ass reason only can listen to one song, that song is NO ZANS.

It's the perfect song to listen to as you turn yourself up. I mean all the way the fuck up. On some nightmare, club, deep 808 type shit, Von delivers so much content that feels good but has a dark ass twist. Either way,

Check that shit out:

Did producer turn rapper? Not sure yet. I plan on connecting with both Dezzy and Von soon to understand what their long term plans are for Fresh University Ent. For now, I plan on tuning into more good music from the duo.

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