Fastest Car on Netflix

From Cali to Texas to Detroit and more, Fastsest Car places three sleeper cars against a "SuperCar" of the Ferrari, Lambo etc families. What tends to happen is that every owner preps to want to have the honor or street cred of beating the super car. The interesting dynamic here is that very few seem to worry about the other sleepers, they all just want to beat the supercar. It is very interesting to me that the sleeper drivers have this urge to want to beat the supercar as most of them talk trash about the vehicle throughout the preparation process.

The drivers all have interesting stories and backgrouds. One thing that I personally like about Netflix is there ability to focus in our bringing the stories to your front door. Every now and then the production does not match the story line in quality but I can live with that.

Either way go check out Fastest Car on Netflix asap!

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