Updated: Dec 11, 2018

It's wild that some don't consider the work that graphic artists create to be art. Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with a few graphic artist. A standout Creator and artist is Travis JPEG.

Travis’s work challenges those who think art only belongs on an canvas. I was introduced to Travis via our last guest (Dante) on the show via a series of retweets. Travis’s work immediately caught my attention. His work varied from Pixel style cover art to explosions of various elements over a unique landscape. Travis has designed a few of these unique collage-ish style pieces, which are probably my favorite of all the styles. After drooling over some of his work on Twitter, I clicked the link in the bio.

Travis let's you dive into all out his projects on his website. Be sure to check out Travis’s work on and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @travisjpeg.

Travis is a true creator. As a creator you cannot let anyone direct your expression of art. You have to continue to push your own limits and be dope to your unique audience. I personally am a huge fan of graphic artists and will be featuring more artists on the Merch By Design platform.

(All rights for image belong to original artist. Image from

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