Not sure if you have heard of him but I just have to say that JMSN is one of my favorite artist. The soulful artist truly makes touching music and it evolves with every new album. Now yall know I am not a writer so I am going to make this a swift read with links to some of his best songs and features so you can get a chance to tune into to JMSN.

Bout it: Is from my favorite album so far you really have to listen to it from beginning to end to get a feel for the depths of emotion the project is able to explore.

So Badly: Written Performed Produced (and Mixed) by JMSN

JMSN creates a vibe. He tells story after story within his music. So (in my smooth jazz late night radio voice) get lost in the vibe that is JMSN

#jmsn #memphis #detroit #jazz #soul #musicians

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